October 30th

09.00 Opening - Ender Terzioglu
09.15Ultrasound of Low Back And Pelvic Pain and Proximal Hamstring Injuries - George Bruyn
09.45Questions & Answers
09.50Nerves of the Upper Extremity - Ingrid Möller
10.10Questions & Answers
10.45-12.15Upper Extremity
10.45Comanatomy of the Wrist and Fingers - Marina Backhaus
11.15Questions & Answers
11.20Complex Anatomy of the Elbow - Sarah Ohrndorf
11.35Questions & Answers
11.40Complex Anatomy of the Shoulder - Ingrid Möller
12.10Questions & Answers
13.15-14.45Lower extremity
13.15Special Anatomy of the Knee - Christian Dejaco
13.30Questions & Answers
13.35Complex Anatomy of the Foot - Esperanza Naredo
14.05Questions & Answers
14.10Nerves of the Lower Extremity - Ingrid Möller
14.40Questions & Answers - Speakers
15.00-17.00Additional Applications
15.00Traumatic and Sports Related Lesions - Wolfgang Schmidt
15.30Questions & Answers
15.35Ultrasound of Salivary Glands - Nevsun Inanc
16.05Questions & Answers
16.10Ultrasound in Large Vessel Vasculitis - Wolfgang Schmidt
16.40Questions & Answers - Speakers
16.45Closing Remarks - Ender Terzioglu
17.00End of the Course